Bijoux Heart

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"Memento Mori", Day of the Dead
"Memento Mori", Day of the Dead earrings. Swarovski jet crystal skulls are 19mm fully faceted incred..
'Heaven' Headress
Air Blue Opal Earrings
Air blue opal and vintage gold 16mm Swarovski crystal pearls capped with pavè hand wired crystal in ..
Barbaric Chandelier Earrings
Large red magma baguette clip earrings (can also be made pierced) French opaque distressed oxidised ..
Baroque Brooch
Wonderful heavily stylised baroque scroll brooch, featuring Swarovski crystals in tanzanite, red mag..
Baroque Earrings
Exquisite bold scroll clip earrings, featuring Swarovski red magma, blush and emerald crystal dotted..
Celestial Tiara
Shimmy all the way in this incredible showstopper with a hand wired pavè crystal crescent moon with ..
Comet Collar
Dramatic Swarovski crystal large baguette collar with hinged baguette & mesh side pieces, with a..
Comet Cuff
Large weighted mesh cuff, with Large Swarovski crystal baguettes, closure has set large Swarovski cr..
Deco Aqua Onyx Brooch
Phenomenal directional Art Deco inspired brooch. Large flow of raised cushion cut Swarovski aquamari..
Emerald Crystal Loop Earrings
Stunning deco style emerald, crystal and jet Swarovski crystals provide all the drama in a left and ..
Glass Brooch
One off poured glass brooch, with handmade poured glass leaves including pavè hand encrusted rose mo..
Large Leaf & Wheat Sheaf Brooch
Large Poured glass handmade leaves with branches of Swarovski handmade wheat sheaf crystal in a beau..
Leaf Ring
Large Poured glass through metal leaves, staggered in a freedom seeking shape, encrusted with real p..
Lily of the Valley, Brooch
Poured glass lily of the valley textured curved glass brooch.   Measuring approximate 6 a..
Pearl Orb Earrings
Measuring one and half inches large real centre pearl, Tiffany set larger crystals taper to the top ..
Poured Glass Emerald Earrings
Swarovski jet cushion cut 10mm centre stones with seed pearls and jet baguette hand wired detailing ..
Red "Memento Mori" Day of the Dead
Skulls are Swarovski crystal 19mm in red magma. Fitted with a repressed design of a French coronet f..
Romance Tiara
Incredibly romantic poured glass headdress, each side of this garland includes a beautiful large tul..
Rose Tiara
Beautiful subtle and incredibly constructed poured glass Tudor panelled window effect which has the ..